Kuska is a learning community dedicated to the development of next generations of global citizens capable of transforming the world around them for the common good.

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Learning community
KUSKA is a non-profit organization made up of a Board of Directors of four founding partners, who develop and promote the different programs that nurture the heart of the project, Kuska School, and ensure its sustainability.

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We learn and grow together
Kuska School is an active educational community, based on affection and respect for the diversity that accompanies each person. Its pedagogical proposal seeks to attend children in an integral way.

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Join us
At Kuska we have created a set of programs that allow us to spread and share our work, ideas and knowledge and, at the same time, connect, learn and enrich ourselves from other initiatives and people.


Our work every day is to ensure that our students are growing physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Through basic education classes as well as art, physical education, music, English, Quechua, moments of free play, garden and elective workshops, we work with dedication towards the development of comprehensive boys and girls. Watch this video to learn more about our students, teachers, and our mission to improve education and opportunity in our small Andean community.


With the support and collaboration of companies and organizations we can transform lives. We want to thank each one of them for the trust placed in the work that the entire Kuska team does every day.




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