Help our mission!


We have a myriad of opportunities for visitors to share their own skills and expertise to help at the school, including volunteer and paid positions:

  • Teaching and assistant teaching in any of our academic subjects
  • Help in the kitchen preparing lunch for students
  • Conducting workshops in special topics (e.g. robotics, computers, arts, crafts, etc…)
  • Designing and running fundraisers
  • Administrative tasks

Interested in any of the above?  Let us know here!

At a distance

Don’t have time to visit us in person?  Don’t worry!  You can always support the school through:

  • General or specific donations to help the school or a program of your choice!  Please check out our donations page here
  • Shop for our book Lurucha, an illustrated story about a parrot and a boy that takes place in the Andes of Peru – a great gift for youngsters!  All proceeds from book purchases contribute to the Kuska School Scholarship Fund.
  • Contribute directly to the Kuska School Scholarship Fund and help local children make their way to our school!