Our Goal As Teachers

Raising a Community of Friendly, autonomous, and Creative Citizens


Academic development is one our primary aims as a school. Students are encouraged to think both creatively and logically through our wide variety of course options. Classes include mathematics, language (Spanish, English, and Quechua), communication, art, music, physical education, science, and more! Located on small organic farm, we also have courses about plants, soil, agriculture, and gardening. Children are given the option to request and choose subjects they are interested in, and our teachers design classes around student’s specific needs.


Project-based learning is a staple of Kuska school. While we do spend time exercising our minds through reading, writing, and mathematics, we believe hands on activity to be vital to the learning process. Each subject is approached from many angles, being discussed in both English and Spanish, worked creatively in art and cooking, and experimented with pragmatically through hands on construction, providing children with a well-rounded educational experience.


At Kuska School, we utilize Psychomotor Education to help our students grow physically and emotionally.  Our Psicomotricidad room is a safe space filled with mattresses, pillows, cushions, and sheets, where children are able to release energy and explore creatively through play.  During this time children develop awareness of their body, and use movement not only to increase coordination and confidence, but also to express and work through emotions that may not have other outlets.  This practice involves having all the children together within this space, where conflicts and resolutions arise without simply abandoning their peers to a new location, thus preparing our students for proper interpersonal emotional processing in future environments.