Volunteer Perspectives from Irinia

2017-2018 School Year

Volunteer Perspectives – Josh


For the last 4 weeks in English Class at Kuska, we have been learning about how to introduce ourselves and our names and ages, we have learned how to express simple feelings such as happy, sad, angry, tired, hungry, etc., how to name simple activities such as running, playing, decorating, drawing, writing, jumping, etc., and the names for different parts of the body.


For all of these topics we have played games, completed puzzles, drawn pictures, and acted out various activities. Throughout the process, it has been my (Josh’s) pleasure to learn about and learn from each of the students. We have laughed together, played together, and challenged ourselves together to solve problems around learning a new language with passion and gusto! Thank you very much Kuska, from the bottom of my heart for including me in your wonderful program.

Joshua nos comenta que a lo largo de estas cuatro semanas se han venido compartiendo clases en donde los chicos han ido construyendo la expresión de sus emociones como felicidad, molestia, furia, cansancio y demás, dichas actividades han tenido una simples y didácticas dinámicas como dibujar, saltar, escribir y decorar espacios dentro del aula.

Para Joshua ha sido una gran experiencia y nos cuenta que está muy agradecido con Kuska desde lo más profundo de su corazón y por ser parte de este maravilloso programa.