Volunteer Perspectives from Irinia

2017-2018 School Year

Volunteer Perspectives – Irina

I had the chance to volunteer for 2 months and a half at Kuska School. I had such an amazing time taking part in pretty much all their activities. During that time I have seen children grow (right at the end of their school year). It was amazing to see them show their talents and participating at the different workshops and the final project of the year. Which it was quite sad, as all the big children of the school were enjoying their last classes together.
I also have to mention the great team I worked wih at the school at that time. I was lucky to share those moments with more than teachers: a group of diverse great people; full of habilities, knowledge, kindness and personal charm. Which made an excellent team who worked beautifully together. From here I have to thank them again for making the experience even better. Likewise to the parents who collaborated with us. I appreciate their kindness and their everlasting smiles. I will miss you all.